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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  March 24, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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,,,, twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. bay area. rain's come down
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throughout the day... heavy downpours at times. and it just the a powerful spring storm bearing down on the bay area. rains come down throughout the day. heavy downpours at times. and it's not just the rain. strong winds whipping across the bay area. this is the 12th straight day of wet weather here. good afternoon, everyone. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. and we begin with breaking news this out of pacifica. the strong winds knocked power lines on highway 1 and the road is closed in both directions with no word when it might re- open. >> this wet windy weather not over yet. even more storms are headed our way. but finally, we can say finally there is relief in sight. actually lawrence told me to say that. meterologist lawrence karnow tells us when things will start to warm up, we hope might see a little sunshine. lawrence? >> i think folks will be looking forward to that after all the rain. boy, this is some kind of storm right now. earlier this morning we were talking about the wall of green. now it's yellow and orange showing up around much of the bay area as some heavier
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amounts of rainfall falling from vacaville, fairfield, concord t danville. a strong line in petaluma and towards santa rosa. now, we have seen thunderstorms embedded in some of these cells so you can bet we're see heavy downpours, probably hail showing up in sports. also heavy rain in walnut creek, danville, pleasanton. some strong weather around the bay area and strong gusty winds continuing even toward the peninsula. another radar shows what's happening in the south bay. they are also being pounded by some heavy amounts of rainfall. check that system out. just south of half moon bay, this is part of a squall line that was pushing through. this is part of a system that produced some of the like strikes outside so we're watching this part very, very closely. you could see some more lightning strikes along this boundary stretching into hayward and this is sliding south and east and fremont it's
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coming your way. sunnyvale and san jose has the storms coming your way within the next 30 to 60 minutes. outside, a live picture, gray ominous looking clouds, all around the bay area. we are trying to watch this wind down somewhat but unfortunately, this storm just continues to go. and, of course, we have flood advisories up for a good part of the bay area as we're expecting the heavy rainfall. not only that, but we've seen some gusts today, guys, over 50 miles per hour as this cold front was coming through. and we're not done just yet. we'll have more on your weather coming up in just a few minutes, guys. back to you. [ pause ] >> reporter: i'll take it from here, lawrence. i'll take it from here. this is one of those days when you would rather be talking about the weather than actually being out near it. as we were covering this story, we got into so many traffic jams, a ton of slow traffic out there numerous potholes
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reported, downed power lines, downed trees. yeah, still kind of a mess and a lot of the folks we talked to were wondering when will this rain ever go away? the not rain, not even wind, could keep these riders themryville from heading to their motorcycle event in southern california. did you ever think, what am i doing? >> the last 200 miles. absolutely. >> reporter: drives sloshed through the rain in the middle of rush hour. >> you know, it's obviously wet. but me, i don't mind it so much. i got this nice tahoe here. >> reporter: at the san mateo bridge, one viewer wrote on our cbs 5 facebook page, he worried his car would blow off. folks in the bay area now weather-weary. >> i'm tired of it. >> reporter: in downtown san leandro, it was hard to miss earl in his bright yellow slicker. >> normally i don't, i just
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carry my umbrella with me. >> reporter: if there was a biggest umbrella contest, she might have won the prize. >> i'm sick of it for days. >> reporter: with 12 straight days of rain, it even poured on her wedding day last weekend. >> my husband got soaked. i got soaked. but everybody still enjoyed the day. >> reporter: she has a good attitude. we still have wind advisories in effect for a lot of bridges across the bay area and i just checked our chp report. still more than a dozen traffic alerts across the bay area. and earlier the rain was so strong up in marin county that they had to close several schools in western marin. sydnie, we'll toss it back to you inside the studio. >> elizabeth, i like the idea of the biggest umbrella contest. thanks very much, elizabeth wenger in oakland. but it's really no laughing matter for a lot of people. the storm causing a lot of power problems. earlier we told you about the downed power lines in pacifica. strong winds knocked down a major transmission line in foster city early this morning. crews were able to reroute the power, though, so there aren't any outages there but they
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still have not repaired that line. and we just got an update on the number of bay area power outages. in the north bay and east bay, 2400 customers don't have power. 600 customers on the peninsula mainly in pacifica. 500 in the south bay. 200 in san francisco. all right. day 4 of the barry bonds perjury trial. right now, an expert on the stand is explaining the details of how steroids work and how they can be detected but as anne makovec reports, just a short time ago bonds' former personal assistant wrapped up testimony and anne joins us with what he had to say. >> reporter: we have been hearing a lot of science when it comes to steroids. so a lot of it was a little bit on the dry side this morning, the late morning. we have been hearing from the steroid expert for about the past hour. they did just take a break when they were about to start talking about hgh, so that is something that is going to come
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up potentially more this afternoon. for the rest of the morning we heard a lot from bonds' childhood friend stev has hoskins. bonds is charged with lying to a grand jury and obstruction of justice. this morning hoskins testified about bonds allegedly doing steroids, aka the clear, back in the early 2000s. hoskins said he was told that bonds was shot up before every road trip with the giants in 2003. bonds' lawyers of course tried to discredit him, playing up the possibility of hearsay and business deals gone bad. but there was a piece of evidence from yesterday, a tape that hoskins made to prove to bonds' father that he was doing steroids by hearing it from his trainer. listen closely. you will hear the trainer's voice. it's difficult to hear, though.
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>> reporter: so that provides some evidence that perhaps bonds was doing steroids but that's not what this trial is about. it was, was he knowing doing steroids? we spoke with a legal expert about how they are going to try to build that case. >> what that means is you may put on some witnesses that may not be as strong or speak directly to the issue but it's the layering effect. so each new witness adds a little more and gives the jurors a little more depth. >> reporter: next up on the witness stand, at least from what we're hearing inside the courtroom, potentially kimberly bell, the former mistress of barry bonds. but back to the steroids expert who is now on the stand, it's kind of a chicken and the egg situation when we are dealing with his testimony. firsters talking about the side effects of the steroids but then you have to talk about the
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side effects that barry bonds may or may not have displayed. so what you're exactly trying to prove is really coming into play here and, you know, drowning out the detail. frank? >> all right. anne makovec live at san francisco, thank you. pilots flying blind. was an air traffic controller at one of the country's busiest airports asleep on the job? the scare raising some serious safety concerns today. toyota bracing for the worst. what it's warning all its workers in the u.s. that it may be forced to do. and that was fast. britney spears sold out. how much those free tickets to her san francisco concert are going for on ebay when we come back. falling ,,,,,,,,,,
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and do you recognize this? this is the san mateo bridge looking towards san mateo. you can't see it, though. >> tough. >> it's a nasty day out there. got to be careful if you are heading out the door. but again, lawrence will be along in a few minutes to tell us how long this wet windy cold weather will last. >> good day to stay indoors. an air traffic controller has been suspended at reagan national airport for allegedly falling asleep on the job. an investigation is now under way to find out why two jetliners trying to land tuesday night couldn't reach anyone. the incoming flights ended up contacting a regional controller some 40 miles away. >> just so you're aware, just had one aircraft go into dca. the tower is apparently unmanned. called on the phones and
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nobody's answering. so the aircraft went in with an uncontrolled airport. >> both pilots were able to land safely. transportation secretary ray lahood has ordered a national review of air traffic control staffing because of the incident and from now on, there will be two, not one, air traffic controllers on duty at night at reagan airport. in japan, stores across tokyo are starting to ration basic necessities. many shelves are bare because people are stocking up on goods like bottled water, even though authorities now say tokyo's tap water is safe for everyone, including infants. at the source of the anxiety, the radiation leaking power plant. also, two workers stepping in contaminated water are hospitalized with burns. because of supply problems in japan, toyota is warning all its american workers that it may have to temporarily shut down plants in the u.s. no timeline has been given. the automaker has 13 plants in america and inventories of
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japanese-made parts are running low. >> and this tick, tick, tick, is -- is bridging the hemispheres. >> veterans trapped by the horrors of war. how a bay area woman is helping some of them find peace. >> rain here, snow in the sierra. and lots of it. we'll tell you how much more is expected. and that heavy rainfall continues to pound the bay area. but there is a glimmer of sunshine somewhere. i'll tell you when coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,saturday at si
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resorts. they're expected to get 2-to-5 feet of fresh powder. here's natasha stenbock w the snow will be piling up through saturday at sierra ski resorts. they are expected to get two to five feet of fresh powder. here's natasha stenbock with a look at the conditions. >> reporter: out here at nyack it's a pretty sight but not so much fun for drivers. in fact, caltrans just shut down the road to trucks. applegate all the way to the nevada state line. so trucks like this behind me will be waiting around a little longer. chain controls taking place at applegate for cars and most folks going over dutch flats put on the chains something we had to do to make it safe because look at the roads here. this is just plowed moments ago, and now we're looking at additional snowfall. by the end of the day we might
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get upwards of 2 to 4 feet right here in the sierra. we'll send it back to you. >> wow, that is natasha stenbock up in blue canyon. we thank her and chance of bad weather forcing britney spears to move that big concert here in san francisco indoors. >> get this, tickets are already gone. it was a free sunday concert. it's going to be at the bill graham civic auditorium instead of the castro. those free tickets available online this morning. and they sold out in a matter of hours. we spotted some on ebay going for a couple hundred dollars. the showing being taped for a network morning show to promote her new album. >> britney not a big fan of the rain. put to me that club, two. is there a glimmer of hope next week? >> gosh, you would have frozen to death. it would have been very cold outside. there is a glimmer of sunshine in the forecast. what a storm around the bay area today as it continues to roll on through. this looking right outside the window, the heavy rainfall continuing to come down
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outside. and more of that on the way. and looks like it will continue to thump into the afternoon although becoming more scattered as we head throughout the afternoon hours. in the meantime, though, a lot of cloud cover breaking away, sunshine at the coast. we have seen lightning strikes today, gusts over 50 miles per hour and, of course, we have seen that heavy rainfall. hi-def def, yellows and oranges as rain moves through. you have these bands along here. you will see one through sonoma and novato also another band from vacaville through fairfield and vallejo. these are some of the bands of energy moving on by that can produce some lightning strikes out there and also looking toward the east bay. you're seeing more of the same there and out along the coastline. similar activity. we have heavier rainfall in the south bay continuing to be the case. so we are watching out for the
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potential of flooding around the bay area. flood advisories are up outside as we are going to see that heavy rainfall continue at least for another hour or two and then things should begin to subside somewhat. but in the meantime, look at this. how about that? something else. down toward hayward and redwood city and also into fremont. okay. we have the advisories up around the bay area now, flood advisories continuing, wind advisories also, could see more trees coming down. rainfall totals over an inch in novato, almost a third in san jose. yup, we have the showers this afternoon with some gusty winds tonight. we have more showers continuing and then it looks like more scattered showers as we head in toward the afternoon. here's your system diving into the bay area right now. we are going to see things break up a bit on the back side. but not entirely. we have more rain on tap it looks like maybe some leftover showers for tomorrow. and it looks like another storm dropping in come saturday although this one doesn't look as big and yes, a glimmer of hope. next week it looks like it will be dry. that's the latest forecast from here, guys. >> in other words, don't hold
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your breath. >> oh, well. subject to change. >> thank you. at least one in five veterans from iraq or iraq return with post-traumatic stress disorder. how an east bay therapist is offering an effective treatment that's not widely available. sharon chin reports. >> reporter: marine corps corporal mike ergo helped root out insurgents house to house in the 2004 offensive in fallujah. the memories haunted him when he returned home to walnut creek i'd see these images over in my head like a never-ending loop. it made it difficult to concentrate. >> reporter: mike says talk therapy and support groups helped him cope his ptsd but he found the most effective treatment for free thanks to christina madlener. >> this was definitely a needed service. >> reporter: she is a walnut creek licensed marriage and farmly therapist who treats ptsd with a new powerful
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therapy therapy, eye movement desensitization and processing or emdr. >> it allows the brain to reprocess a traumatic experience in a way that neutralizes it. >> reporter: she was already using emdr in her practice but started treating veterans after reading an article about an iraq war veteran who committed suicide. >> they had no hope for help. and i don't want that in my community. >> reporter: and christina learned that local veterans could not get affordable emdr treatment even though it's been approved by the department of defense and veterans affairs. so in 2008, she founded the nonprofit, veterans resource, that offers emdr treatments free for veterans with ptsd. >> what do you want to work on today, patrick? >> we need something for road rage. >> reporter: as her patients relive their traumatic experience, she use remote control to send a sound to her
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headphones and matching vibrations to tabs under their legs. unlike talk therapy, the treatment stimulates both sides of the brain to ease the stress. >> and this tick, tick, tick, tick, bridging the hemispheres. >> reporter: mike says christina's treatments helped him find peace. >> i still remember the things i seen and been a part of, but i don't have the heavy emotional connection to it anymore. >> reporter: marine corporal patrick wright says christina creates a safe setting that helps him calm his anger after three deployments to iraq. >> she is very accommodating. she understands. she realizes we're not the typical patient. >> reporter: so far, christina has treated 25 soldiers using emdr. >> for those who have served, i feel we need to give them as many treatment options as possible. >> so for helping veterans heal from the horrors of war, this week's jefferson award in the
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bay area goes to christina madlener. sharon chin, cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ever! here's your latest doppler radar update. hi-def def picking up on the storms making their way through the bay area right now. we just had a lightning strike making its way over the bay down toward hayward. you can see the strong storms
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there. more of that heavy rain tapering off later on this afternoon. guys, back to you. >> that will give you gray hair when you drive home today. all right, lawrence, thank you very much. and women are going gray younger than ever even in their 20s. a in your survey finds 32% of women under the age of 30 have gray hair. many blame stress. but some say if you want to beat it get a better diet and get more vitamin b in your life. >> because of march madness our next newscast is tonight at 10:00 on the cw and at 11:00. take care, everybody. caption colorado ,,
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